Welcome to the memory site for Troop 3116. This site is a diary & photo album of our 12 years together in Girl Scouts. Enjoy your visit!
A small troop of 6 Brownie Girl Scouts was formed in 2000. At first we struggled to get the minimum number of girls (5) but it quickly became a troop of 12...and not long after that, a troop of 21. Twelve years later, we are back to 6 but they are a very different troop. Along the way, we lost girls and gained girls. Three of the original members stuck it out the whole 12 years. We changed together from a troop that loved working on Try-its, Badges, and Interest Projects to one that had bigger goals like hiking tall mountains and grand canyons. We sold thousands of boxes of cookies and hundreds of cans of nuts to be able to pay for our adventures. We worked on Bronze and Silver awards and organized numerous events for other scouts. Some of our girls will complete their Gold Award in the next few months. All of them are headed to college! We've had many adventures and we have been lost more than a few times! We are coming to the end of our Girl Scouting...for now. But it's a safe prediction that some of these young women will turn up as Girl Scout leaders some day in the future. It's been a great ride!

 Our mascot, Adventure Girl!